LAU Innovation Center



Omar Berjaoui
Wolvline  Founder (LAU FMIC Spark22-Winner)

LAU Spark22 program has been a transformative journey that exceeded all expectations. The expert-led courses, tailored materials, and hands-on mentorship were a game-changer. Thrilled to have gained valuable insights and proud to be among the winners.


Vladimir AbdelNour
Takatcom Founder (LAU FMIC Spark22-Winner)

There are major benefits that LAU Spark22 program had on our startup, Takatcom. First, this program was the trigger to make us think of building a startup in the first place. Second, the program helped us understand business models and their jargon. Thirdly, the interaction with the market was facilitated by the program steps. Most importantly, the partnership with LAU was deeply important for us personally and socially given that we are proud to be LAU alumni and the fact that LAU is one of the most recognized institutions.


Sara El Koussa
Cancercom Founder, CEO (LAU FMIC Spark22-Winner)

The entrepreneurial journey is very complex and overwhelming. That’s why it’s healthy to start with a network of people who know what you’re going through and who are willing to support you even when things don’t make sense to you! That’s what LAU FMIC is all about. I’m glad I was able to start this crazy journey with my LAU Family.


Amira and Ahlam Sfeir
Sole Sisters Project - Co-founders (LAU FMIC Spark22- Finalist)

We had the privilege of participating in the LAU SPARK22 incubation program, and it was an incredibly enriching experience for our startup. The diverse panel of mentors, each specializing in various fields, provided invaluable insights and feedback that significantly enhanced our business model. This program’s emphasis on multifaceted guidance has undoubtedly propelled our venture in the right direction. During the program, not only did we benefit from the diverse expertise of our mentors, but we also had the opportunity to connect with fellow startups. This platform for sharing experiences further enriched our journey and fostered a collaborative learning environment.



Karam Bsat
Fuliver Co-founder

Spark program was well-structured, informative, and inspiring. Knowledgeable and supportive mentors from different backgrounds were always there to offer guidance, and their constructive feedback has always been a must to grow throughout the journey. I would highly recommend this program to any entrepreneur looking to accelerate their business. Thank you, Spark!


Lyn Ghalayini
CARECO - CEO (LAU FMIC Spark20-Winner)

Our product connects nurses with coaches as well as head nurses and physicians and we’re very happy to reach this point with LAU FMIC, it has been a great learning experience. LAU SPARK Innovation Program helped us orient our product and target market at the right place. Finally, all that is left is to test, validate, and launch our product. Thank you!


Robert Khairallah
NIGHTRIX - CEO (LAU FMIC Spark20-Winner)

The LAU SPARK Program helped us accelerate our process in launching the startup. We came into the program with an initial idea, a simple basic idea, and now we’re able to convert it to actually establish a proper startup. The sessions were really helpful for us to structure our ideas and develop a working product


Aya Farhat
DeSalin Co-Founder (LAU FMIC Spark21 – Runner-up)

My time in Spark did me more justice than a business course’s worth. During my second year of university, I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the SPARK Program at LAU, backing my startup DeSalin, and I can confidently say that it’s been an absolute game-changer for my startup journey. From the moment I joined, I was welcomed into a community of passionate individuals driven by innovation and guided by experienced mentors. SPARK provided my teammates and I with a lot of insight, advice, networking, amongst many other provisions that any startup would be in desperate need of. We were constantly catered to and well-taken care of, and we had advisors available by our side for whenever we needed them. As a matter of fact, LAU’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem provided the perfect backdrop for the SPARK Program. Collaborative co-working spaces, networking events, and access to industry experts transformed my startup’s trajectory. The connections I made during the program turned into strategic partnerships, and the friendships into an extended support system.